Ramadan 2024 Impact and Future Outlook

Alhamdulillah, Quran.com is now visited by 5.6 Million people per month, a significant increase of almost 2 Million users since last Shaban. The number of people benefiting from Quran.com is twice as high during Ramadan so we are expecting to reach 11 Million monthly users, insha’Allah. In the past year, we released a powerful new feature called “Quran Growth Journey”, which includes Streaks, Custom Goals, and Learning Plans. We also enhanced our search with AI capability and added an in-demand “Notes & Reflections” feature that is integrated with QuranReflect. We introduced a much-needed Product Onboarding tutorial to educate users on how to maximize their Quran.com experience. Our APIs continue to expand covering all our platform features, including Authentication and Notification system, allowing Quran app developers to leverage our work and innovate to the next level. In addition, our team grew to include roles that are vital to our success, including a Product Manager, an Operations Manager, and a Scholar that is focused on community empowerment and content. QuranReflect also continues to make a growing positive impact as the world's only Quran-focused social reflection platform, with the largest reflections database. Quality is assured via the support of moderators led by qualified scholars.

As we forge ahead into the coming year, we aspire to exceed 15 Million users in Ramadan 2025, insha'Allah. This requires expanding our team in critical functions to execute the ambitious plans we have to add content, features, and AI capability to help users connect with the Quran more powerfully, and to find the answers they are looking for. Find further details below. 💫YOUR support plays a crucial role in our ability to continue making massive impact. Jazakum Allah Khair for your valuable donations!

Ramadan Activities and Features  

This Ramadan Quran.Foundation is running a joint Quran.com and QuranReflect Ramadan activities program that leverages both community engagement and product features to enrich your Ramadan and foster a strong connection with the Holy Quran. Check out the activities and participate here.

Quran.com continues to be more visible and accessible to the world
Quran.com continues to improve its SEO, resulting in higher visibility on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Increased visibility means that more people around the world have free access to authentic and trustworthy information pertaining to the Quran. When millions of internet users around the world perform search queries related to the Quran, we are doing our best to appear in those search results. Aiming to present users with authentic resources on Quran.com to do their research and to increase their chances of avoiding the dubious sources that abound on the internet. Donations help us improve Quran.com’s search engine optimization.

Introducing Quran Growth Journey

We have designed an engaging new feature to help Quran.com users around the world make steady progress on their journey with the Quran while increasing their knowledge and connection:

1. Streaks and Goals

This new dynamic feature will allow our users to set personalized reading goals and keep track of their daily reading progress. Quran.com would automatically track all their readings and adjust their daily reading portion depending on whether they’re ahead or behind schedule. Whether they aim to read 10 minutes a day, complete a Juz in a month, or finish the entire Quran in a year, etc, we wanted to help our users along the way so we included daily reading streaks to help them stay motivated to reach their goal. 


So far we have over 59,000 goals created by our users. Log in and set your own goal today.

2. Learning Plans

Our latest addition to our Quran Growth Journey is Learning Plans: free online easy-to-follow lessons aimed to help its users grow in their journey with the Quran. These Learning Plans are divided into daily bite-sized lessons making it easy to integrate learning into their daily routines. We help our users stay on track by adding a progress tracker to each lesson. We will continue to grow our collection of curated lessons which aim to help transform the way our users engage with the Quran. Explore our Learning Plans on Quran.com.

Ayah-Level Notes & Reflections for Quran.com Users

We are always looking for ways to help our users read, study, and learn the Quran, and this is why we have added a feature that allows our users to take their notes on an ayah level as they go through the Quran. This feature enables our users to keep a record of all their notes under their account. They can even inspire others with their notes by sharing them as a public reflection on QuranReflect.


QuranReflect - Content Moderation Dashboard

As part of our efforts to foster a culture of reflecting upon the Quran while maintaining quality, our Content Moderation Dashboard allows our qualified team to moderate and elevate content created by our users, ensuring the quality of the posts befits the status of the Holy Quran. This is done by removing inappropriate content or coaching users to fix their posts, but also by elevating the high-quality posts so they appear on QuranReflect feed, and potentially appear on Quran.com reflection view , and our integrated partner apps, hence highlighting the best reflection examples the community can follow and be inspired by. To date, we have over 3,800 posts reviewed by our qualified team of moderators, and by having this content review system it allows us to cultivate a global culture of reflection upon the Holy Quran. Your continued support allows us to fund and grow our Community Enablement team.

Utilizing AI Technology

We have enhanced and broadened the utilization of AI within our Content Moderation Dashboard on QuranReflect, and are further leveraging its capabilities in our search engine on Quran.com where currently if there are no keyword search matches, your search goes to AI search powered by Kalimat.

User Onboarding Tour on Quran.com

As we continue to enhance Quran.com with new features, we aim to ensure our users fully benefit from these additions. To help users familiarize themselves with the features on Quran.com, we’ve introduced an interactive onboarding tour. This walkthrough is designed to guide users through the main features, empowering them to make the most of their experience when using Quran.com.


Quran.com Notification System

We have added an advanced notification system to help our users stay engaged and committed to their readings on Quran.com.

Expanding Our Team for Greater Impact

Our mission is to empower every human being to benefit from the Quran. As we continue to grow and strive to make an even greater impact, we recognize the pressing need to further bolster our team. We have recently welcomed onboard two talented individuals to fill key roles: a Product Manager and an Operations Leader. However, to sustain and amplify our impact, we need to expand our team further in engineering, product development, UI design, and community engagement. With your support, we can sustain operations, grow our team, and extend our reach, making a lasting impact on how the world engages with the Quran.

Expanded Quran.Foundation APIs

We continue to expand our Developer APIs to include all the new features and content. This allows developers to focus on innovating new experiences and solve unique problems without having to worry about the backend, including user authentication, notifications, reviewed and curated reflections, translations, tafsirs, etc. By integrating with our APIs users can enjoy a rich connected experience across Quranic apps.

In progress and Future Releases: 

Building technology and content for bonding with the Quran
- Verified curated content that covers key topics.
- Continue research and expand the usage of AI to help users find answers to their questions.
- Optimize user engagement with our new notification system.
- Expand the new Quran Growth Journey experience to include reading plans and more learning plans (Quranic Calendar to encourage consistent reading and learning to increase engagement outside of Ramadan).

Continue to deliver a world-class experience
- Implement design and UX improvements.
- Improving the reading experience with the Tajweed Mushaf, providing a color-unified Quran font with Tajweed rules of every single letter.
- Team expansion in engineering, product, UI design, and community engagement.
- Expand open source and partner contributions to our products.

Aim to reach 15M monthly users
- Improve data-driven engagement through advanced analytics.
- Further improvements on SEO and page rank.
- Improve experience and engagement for supported regions and languages.
- Developer integration with Quranic apps through Quran.Foundations API.
- Dawah content and features including social Ayah sharing.

We ask that you keep the Quran.Foundation's workers and volunteers in your duas. The modern technology and human talent needed to accomplish our mission requires resources. Monthly donations help us retain top talent and sustain operations so we focus less on fundraising and more on creating impact. 

Jazak Allah Khair for your support.

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