Quran.Foundation is a non-profit organization that envisions a world transformed by revealed guidance.

Our mission is to empower every human being to benefit from the Quran, and we pursue this via three key areas of work:


Quran.com has been our flagship project since the early days of the Internet, and has become the trusted reference for millions of users worldwide. We continue to extend and enhance our suite of tools that put the Quran – and all you need to understand it properly – at your fingertips.


QuranReflect.com promotes a culture of reflection on Revelation. As well as lessons by qualified teachers, the platform welcomes personal perspectives which go through our expert quality review. We want the world to be talking about – and growing in their relationship with – the Book of Allah.


We are striving to enrich Quranic Studies by sourcing, commissioning and translating the best content, and optimizing it for digital access. Our team of scholars, led by Dr. Sohaib Saeed, works in partnership with experts and institutions to ensure the accuracy of every detail on our platforms.

Quran Foundation is a 501c3 US non-profit organization (EIN 82-4203288)
For any inquiries Contact us: info@quran.foundation

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